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Danny Kaye - a man of many faces

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Danny Kaye was a superstar on the silver screen ('Secret life of Walter Mitty', 'The Court Jester', 'Hans Christian Anderson', 'Man from the Diner's Club', 'On the Double', 'The Kid from Brooklyn', 'The Five Pennies', 'White Christmas', 'Knock on Wood', 'A Song is Born', 'Wonder Man', 'Up in Arms', 'The Inspector General' and more), TV (The Cosby Show, The Muppet Show, The Twilight Show, The Danny Kaye Show) and the stage (Lady in the Dark, Two by Two, live tours) from the 30's til the 80's.

Danny Kaye has a huge impact on me, and I created this site in order to show you my Danny Kaye, the friend to children, the entertainer, the comedian, the singer, the man. This site is here to help raise his profile and remind people of the impact he made on modern cinema and comedy. If you want to see some of the funniest films of the last century, check out the Filmography or Video and DVD sections where you can buy some of his classic films!


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Not only was Danny a singer, dancer and actor, but he was a fine slapstick comedian - as is evident in his many films. An avid chef, he had a restaurant standard kitchen and equipment installed so he could regularily serve up fine dining to family and friends. He was also an accomplised pilot and owned many planes. He put these skills to use when flying around the world to help children in the name of UNICEF, which he helped to create and promoted until his untimely death in 1987. He was married to the incredibly talented Sylvia Fine, who wrote the lyrics and music to the nonsensical, tongue twisting songs he was famous for, and together they had a daughter, Dena.

His style and influence is shown in other actors and comedians work - you can see a bit of Danny in Jerry Lewis, and also Jim Carrey. When Danny was in the prime of his career, riots ensued wherever he went as people lined for hours to catch a glimpse or buy a ticket to a show. Nowadays he's somewhat dismissed as a second banana due to his role in 'White Christmas' (he was third choice for the part, Fred Astaire and Donald O'Connor both turning it down) or some simpering kids playmate because of his ground breaking work with UNICEF. Did you know he was also a conductor of symphony orchestras? And couldn't read a note of music? Danny never was second to anyone, and completely unmatchable - check out his films for proof. He was a Star, beloved by childen and adults for many years already, and sorely missed today.

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I've sorted all the photos out according to movie, as well as the old format, so you have two options in which to wander thru the Gallery. Don't forget to drop by the Danny Kaye message board. There are fellow fans in there chatting and posting questions at all hours of the day. Perhaps you could help locate, swap or sell some Danny merchandise?

There are pockets of Danny fans all over the Web, and I'm slowly locating and linking to them all, from clubs to groups to message boards to discussion forums. There's a growing list of fellow Danny sites as well as other goodies, right there on the Links page. Plus if you would like a banner to link back to my site, there's one there for you. Got a Danny Kaye related site? Let me know about it via the Message Board.

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This is not an official website, but merely one of fandom. It was created in order to honour a great man, and no infringement or disrespect is intended.

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Danny Kaye - Singer Dancer Actor Comedian Chef Pilot Humanitarian